What a story and what a history of service for the Alley family – thanks Philippa

Indigenous Histories

Charlie Alley was born in Charters Towers, Queensland in 1901. His father also Charles came from the Malay Straits and his mother Fanny Palmer was born under a tree at  Canobie station near Blackjack.

During the World War One Charlie’s father was actively involved with the war effort.

My grandfather, he looked after the stockyard for the horses to go over to Egypt … they used to bring the horses in from the station, then they’d hold them in the paddock at Blackjack … and then they’d ship them out from there.Harry Allie 2008.

ALLEY Charlie Alley  father of WW1 Charlie Alley from Harry Allie

 Charles Alley senior. Courtesy Alley family

Charlie who was too young to serve would have made his initial contribution to the war effort by helping his father. Then in August 1917 he successfully volunteered for the AIF. Although he stated his age as 18, information he gave when he served again – this time in…

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