The most common cause of broken opalotypes is the removal of their supporting frame.

Broken opalotype

Monley Opalotype 013

Here Neville Crawford carefully places the last piece in position.

Next the pieces are adhered to a glass backing with extremely small dots of silicone placed well away from the broken edges. The silicone dots could be removed if necessary by the insertion of a very thin blade

Fri 011Fri 003

The arched top matting board was handcut  and the bevel silver gilded.

Fri 001

And – on the bench and almost ready to wrap –  is the finished work with its period replication frame.

Frid 011

The restored images below were photographed from the opalotype and have been printed with 100 year archival inks onto rag paper.

In this instance there was a decision by the client to only restore the area shown in the orginal matted opalotype.

Conlan PLUS 004


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