The Principle of Parsimony …

In any design, create a flow path through the design points; or if working with someone else’s design identify the salient points as everything else is incidental. When you identify these, you will know where you are going and avoid a likely design failure.

If you want complexity, simply layer one layer over  another layer remembering to keep each layer simple by observing the rules of design, the history behind the object, and all technical requirements … this is most commonly known as the KISS principle or “Keep It Simple Stupid”.

Analyse the picture plane, or the object being handled, or create your own design if using a number of individual objects.

Identify the need or requirements of the picture or objects, utilising movement or shape to create 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional layouts.  Add colour, texture, and decoration – layered as separate but interdependent elements, always keeping in mind a clear vision of where you are going.


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