DESIGN is simply a fancy word for thinking

One of the last flights into the old Hong Kong airport by pilot Peter Legge for Singapore Airlines. Frame design by Neville Crawford for Peter Legge. The smaller photos were gradually enlarged by a set percentage and each mounted onto cards with borders based on the Golden Section – together with the differing bevel treatments this gives a feeling of movement.

"Singapore Airlines flight into Hong Kong"

We have all seen things that are beautifully made that weren’t worth making in the first place, conceived in error through some unthinking misguided passion and cast aside at the end as not worth having.

The aim of any manufacturing process is to add value while at the same time respecting all component parts. To achieve this we must have a rational plan or design soundly based on

  • Knowledge of what has gone before
  • Innovation and technique
  • A good visualisation of what needs to be achieved

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